Slide Spanish word that normally refers to the the outermost layers of plants and other living beings but it is also used to describe the outer layer of the brain, the cerebral cortex. This is of utmost importance for all human beings, as it plays a key role in memory, attention, perception, awareness and consciousness.

Corteza enables us to explore the human brain, experiencing its reactions based on the perception and behaviour of a subject. It gives us a glance at the beauty and complexity of the human brain and shows how it can be stimulated and altered through diverse parameters.
The project is the result of a cooperation with g.tec, developing a system, that captures the brain waves of a subject and transforms them into an artistic representation, building a bridge between science and digital art.

A customized brain computer interface (BCI) and improved measurement devices are used to collect data from specific regions of the head and generate accurate signals that communicate directly with a real-time graphic engine morphing them through sound and images into a digital landscape. The audience can observe the interaction between the subject and the system and how the subjects’ brain reacts to the external stimulation it receives, translating it into control signals that change the whole environment, creating an outstanding experience.

The result varies according to the state of mind, concentration and perception of the subject who does not only react passively but can also incite and control the whole system in which he is immersed by using his actions to influence the result actively.


Slide Credits:
Concerp, programming: Alex Guevara
Scientific Advice: Dr. Christoph Guger
Support: g.tec medical engineering